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NEW! EDCO Cleanup Coupon

January 1, 2018

EDCO and the City of La Mesa will continue to offer a free clean-up day for residents at EDCO Station, but now YOU get to pick a convenient day to take unwanted items that are too large or heavy to put inside collection carts, such as broken appliances, water heaters, furniture, old mattresses, tree branches and other miscellaneous household clutter. 

Cleanup coupons will be mailed twice a year (January and June) to all single-family residents, and must be presented along with a valid picture I.D. corresponding to the listed address. Please see coupon for additional details.  

No Hazardous Waste Accepted! Household hazardous waste (HHW) items will NOT be accepted. Toxic products are typically labeled Caution, Poison, Flammable, Danger or Caustic and could include paint, varnish, pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze, pool chemicals, etc.

La Mesa residents may drop off household hazardous waste items (such as CRTs) free of charge at EDCO Station in La Mesa by appointment only. Please call (619) 287-5696 ext. 4270 or email lmhhw@edcodisposal.com for available dates and to schedule an appointment.

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