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Our projects are fun AND help the environment! All projects require adult supervision so ask a grown-up to help you out.

Recycled Checkers Game

EDCO: Cardboard BottlecapsMake a checkerboard from a recycled piece of cardboard and some bottle caps in just a few minutes!

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Brown Bag Kites

EDCO: Cardboard BottlecapsMake a one-of-a-kind flying creation from a paper bag!

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Magazine Concentration

EDCO: Magazine ConcentrationKids will have a blast making these matching cards and then playing the memory game with them!

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Bottle Cap Charm Necklace

EDCO: BottlecapsCreate a locket from items that you likely have around your home!

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Make Your Own Recycled Paper

EDCO: Newspaper FlyersIf you are looking for an activity to occupy and entertain the kids, follow these instructions and produce your own recycled paper.

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Milk Carton Houses

EDCO: Milk CartonsA fun activity that makes use of materials normally thrown in the garbage.

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Colorful Coasters

EDCO: Gift CardsA great gift idea that uses recycled items from your home!

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Super Secret Storage Jar

EDCO: Jar and LidHide your small treasures in a super secret storage jar! All you need to make your own special container is stuff from around your house that normally gets thrown away. When you’re finished making it, your secret treasures will be in the jar in plain view but only you will know they are in it!!!

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Magazine Mosaics

EDCO: Cardboard BottlecapsUsing old magazines, you can achieve an effect similar to mosaics formed of glass, clay or stone.

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Worm Box

EDCO: Cardboard BottlecapsWorms can turn your kitchen scraps into compost, which is the best food for growing flower and vegetable gardens! Instead of sending your family’s kitchen scraps to the landfill, feed it to the worms!!!

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